Gram Jan Jagruti Abhiyan

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Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan

Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan is an initiative aimed at addressing anorectal diseases, like hemorrhoids, fissure, constipation, fistula, rectal prolapse etc. amongst the rural population. Although Healing Hands Foundation was established in 2017, work on these lines began way back in 2011.

People in the rural areas live with a lot of myths and false notions about health. There is a tendency to ignore issues that do not cause immediate hindrance to day to day activities. To make matters worse, when it comes to anorectal diseases, shame and awkwardness come into picture. Various home remedies are attempted, albeit with no success. All this causes a delay in seeking medical help. A disease which would have a simpler treatment in the initial stages now becomes complicated requiring advanced care. Thus, the motive behind Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan is to catch the disease in the early stages and provide tertiary care in advanced cases.

Under Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan, anorectal health awareness and consultation camps are held in the villages. For the purpose of this activity a van has been converted into a mobile clinic. Thus, it is equipped with material for diagnosis of these diseases. Medicines are also loaded. Along with this, it carries posters and pamphlets which are used for spreading information. Besides these, the van is equipped with a television on which educative videos are played for the masses. The team for each camp includes a doctor, a counselor, camp coordinator, helper and van driver. The team dedicates one day for the actual camp, although preparation begins a week before, when the camp coordinator travels to that specific village to seek permission from the Medical Officer (MO) of its Primary Health Centre (PHC). On the same day, the Gram Panchayat is also taken on board. Information brochures and leaflets with camp details are distributed to all villagers so that they are prepared well in advance.

The camp begins with an awareness lecture by our doctor. This is followed by a free consultation and examination session. Those who need medicines are given so at no cost. A small percentage of patients need a surgical treatment. They are referred to our sister concern Healing Hands Clinic, Pune. These patients are offered top grade surgical treatment at minimal cost. They receive the same treatment, care and hospitality that any private patient in the clinic gets.

Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan has proven to be of great help to the people in rural areas. The availability of medical help at doorstep has encouraged more and more people to come out and seek help. This is true especially of women.