Chhatra Swasthya Prabodhini

Area of Work
Children Awareness Program

During the health drives of Gram Janjagruti Abhiyan, we noticed that constipation is fairly common in the growing years. For most children, this is seen in the form of hard stools. Functional constipation is also seen in the school going age. It is important that constipation be recognised and addressed early, to prevent it from becoming a long- term problem. Childhood constipation is associated with symptoms like tummy ache, poor appetite and behavioural changes like irritability and listlessness. These, in turn,
affect the general wellbeing and academic performance of the child. Rapidly changing lifestyle is affecting the health of adults and children alike and is contributing to functional constipation and various anorectal issues. With the ever-increasing exposure to digital media, outdoor playtime has diminished. Skipping breakfast, consumption of junk food in the form of fried or packaged edibles, low intake of fresh vegetables and fruit are common now. Irregular toilet habits, incorrect posture while passing stools, irregular sleeping schedules are the most common reasons of improper digestive patterns. Quite clearly, children need guidance to understand the root cause.

‘Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body’ – With this belief Healing Hands Foundation took an initiative to address children through awareness sessions conducted in schools. During these sessions our team of doctor and helpers create a comforting and relaxed atmosphere to interact with kids at their level. A PowerPoint presentation with questionnaire helps to keep the communication interesting. Not only anorectal health and constipation but healthy eating habits, toilet training, sanitation, hygiene and all such daily activities are also focused upon during these sessions. The children are encouraged to ask questions and seek clearance of doubts that they may have. They are counselled to discuss various issues with their parents who can then take them to the doctor if needed, where simple medicines and knowledge of the right diet can help them get rid of their tummy troubles.

The mission of the programme is to assure them that speaking about such
problems and seeking help is easier than being shy and suffering alone.